Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WINXP faster

Hi friends I find some new tricks to make the windows xp faster. If you are a chain system administrator please follow these steps:

Step 1:Right-click the desktop and click properties

Step 2:select the desktop tab

Step 4:At the bottom click customize desktop

Step 5:Un-tick the desktop clean-up wizard

Step 6:Click OK and then select the Screensaver tab

Step 7:Select None for the Screensaver

Step 8:Then click Power below the Screensaver options

Step 9:Set Turn off monitor to Never

Step 10:Set Turn off Hard Disks to Never

Step 11:Make sure that System Stand-by is set to Never

Step 12:Then under the Power options go to the Hibernate tab

Step 14:Un-tick Enable Hibernation

Step 15:Now Right-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop

Step 16:Then click properties

Step 17:Drag the slide down to 3% or 4%

Step 18:Click Apply and then OK

Step 19:Now Right-Click the Taskbar and click Properties

Step 20:Select the Start-Menu Tab

Step 21:Then click Customize just under the small desktop screenshot

Step 22:Change the number of Programs on the Start-Menu to zero

Step 23:Then click Clear List

Step 24:Then select the Advanced tab

Step 25:Un-tick Highlight newly installed programs

Step 26:Also un-tick List my most recently opened documents

Step 27:Apply these settings and close all open Windows

Step 28:Now Right-click My Computer and click Properties

Step 29:Click the Automatic Updates tab and un-tick it

Step 30:Click the Remote tab and un-tick Remote Assistance

Step 31:Click the System Restore tab and tick the box there

Step 32:Then click the Advanced tab and under Performance click Settings

Step 33:Un-tick the first ten boxes (these have names next to them)

Step 34:Apply these settings and close all open Windows

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