Wednesday, August 6, 2008

USB New avatars

1. USB Pencil sharper:

2. USB Cooling fans:

3. USB Dual LED light:

4. USB Light:

5. USB DESK Lamp:

6. USB Massager:

7. USB Beverage chiller:

8. USB Rocket Launcher:

9. USB Missile Launcher:

10. USB Mini desktop Aquarium:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tata Nano releasing at Setember-15(2008)

Tata company Launching Nano at September 15.For testing purpose tat going to launch first 25 Nano cars.Tata company, manager Rattan Tata Gives the statement to launch 1 Lakh rupee cars at jan2008.This statement gives the great shock to the other car manufacturers. Many motors companies planned to manufacture the low prices cars. So the Tata Company going to launch the Tata Nano before its releasing date.Nano raw materials are creating by Cabero, J.P.M Auto, and Rucha Engineering. This company assures to Rattan Tata that we supply the raw materials within August 15to Tata motors. So Tata motors planned to launch 50000 Nano cars in March 31(2009).Then after April 1(2009), Tata motors planned to launch 1200 cars per day. So calculating these aspect Nano sales 4.8 lacks Per Year.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shut down your computer Automatically

Shutting down the system is the important operation in Pc maintenance.Otherwise it will make some harmful changes in the registry and even has the possibility to damage your computer system.This process is very useful for the busy people.It makes the shutdown process in automation.The task is the simple shutdown command set your computer ro close all the running applications with the proper shutdown in the accurated time manner.This process will save the energy and time.Now follow these simple steps. “start” and goto “Run”.
2. Type “shutdown.exe -s -t yyyy “.
3.Press “ok”.

Here yyyy mean time in second, for example if you want your computer will shutdown automatically after 10 minute then the command will be shutdown -s -t 600.
After the execution of command, a small window will appear to count time of system shutdown.You can also cancel these auto shutdown.To cancle this process simply goto “Run” and type “shutdown.exe –a”.After the execution of this command it will automatically remove the files from your computer.

Kumbakonam-Holy City of Temple

Here i am interested to post some informations about my birth place Kumbakonam.Kumbakonam is one of the Oldest city in tamilnadu life history.Kumbakonam is famous for Betel,Temples and Mahamaham Festival.It was capital of cholan emperor at 7th century.Kumbakonam was surrounded by two famous rivers called Cauvery and Arasalar.Kumbakonam was surrounded by Navagraha temples.Kumbakonam is located near to the Tanjore(Rajarajan Famous place).There are nearly more than 1000 temples in kumbakonam.But famous temples are Kumbeswarar Temple,Nageswarar Temple,Kasi Viswanathar Temple,Someswarar Temple,Banapureeswarar Temple,Veerasaiva Mutt,Sarangapani Temple,Chakkarapani Temple,Ramaswamy Temple,Brammam Temple,Sri Vijendra Mutt,Munishwar Jain Temple.To say about Tanks,There are two famous tanks in kumbakonam are Mahamaham and Potramarai Tank.Kumbakonam is also famous for educational institutions like Sastra University,Arasu Engineering college and lot of schools.Agarwal Eye Hospitals was recently launched in Kumbakonam.Kumbakonam is also famous with two dominant personalities called Ramanujam and Sethuraman.