Sunday, March 16, 2008

System Lag Reducer using Services

Then to not only make the windows xp process, these services are available in all the operating system from old to new technique. There are the lot of services are automatically run by the operating system. By using these systems may have large number of possibilities to lag. So please disable these services.

Now click on the ‘Start-Menu’ and then click ‘Run

Type ‘Services.msc’ and then click ‘OK

Disable the following services:

Ø Automatic Updates (This blocks auto-updates, do you want to do this?)

Ø Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Ø Error Reporting Service

Ø Help And Support (Help and Support still works afterwards)

Ø Logical Disk Manager

Ø Messenger

Ø Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Ø Remote Registry

Ø Routing and Remote Access

Ø Secondary Logon (Doesn’t stop anything important!)

Ø System Restore Service

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