Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WiMAX Edition

Nokia introduces lot of N-series in short periods. Each N-series stands alone in their unique features. Now the Nokia introduces the N810 for the WiFi users so it is called as WiMAX edition. This mobile is the updated version of N810 Internet Tablet. I hope this Mobile is Black in color with the spanking new version of the Internet Tablet OS - the OS2008.Nokia is Launching this mobile at summer 2008.

X4 Extender

Normally most of the men’s in the world are not sufficient with their penis size. To reduce this fact X4PenisExtender is the great device for these kinds of persons. These penis extender devices had undergone many pharmaceutical studies and medically certified. This device does not cause any side effects. There are different types of company’s are introducing these sort of devices but our penis enlarger devices are really works and generate new cells in the customer body. This website has the science and historical studies of this product. These devices are mainly useful and serve as a penis stretcher device to enlarge your unsatisfied penis.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let your Firefox Faster

Let your Firefox Faster
Let your Firefox Faster. Enter in your browser about: config and then look: "Find Name." Now follow the instructions below:

1. Type in the address bar of your browser:

about: config

in the address bar and press ENTER.

2. Look for resale in the box "Find Name":


See if the value of atrubuído it is true. If not, double-click to switch to that value.

3. Look for the following:


Double-click it and change the value to 8.

4. In:


, double-click and change the value to true.

5. Change the value of:


to true.

6. Now, click the right mouse button on any value on the screen, and select New Option:

Give the name of:


and true.

7. Right-click anywhere, choose New Option:


Give the name of:


and set the value to 2250000.

8. Again, create a whole new entry with the name of:


with the value of 750000.

9. Create an entry Boolean with the name:


and set the value to true.

10. Create a whole entry with the name of:


value and 5.

11. Create a whole entry with the name:


with the value 750000.

12. Create a whole entry with the name:


with the value 0.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Pulsar180

Recently i bought the Pulsar bike with 180cc.I am located in kumbakonam and i bought that nearly pongal festival.So the dealers put the pongal offer as Rs.2000 less than the actual price.At first we are planned to buy only 150cc but after going to the showroom i changed my mind to choose the pulsar 180.I like the pulsar black but my father refused to buy thar color and his favourite color is red.I heard from the dealer mileage for my pulsar is 45.But my bike giving the mileage is nearly 50.It same as 1Rupee=1KM.Today most of guys are buying ApacheRTR.Here i am willing to tell about the powerful pickup of pulsar.I ride nearly 50 variety of bike but i not even get this kind of pickup.Then my pulsar get the new features as LED for all the switches and it make the views to glow as the sunshine.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

To Access blocked sites: Use Calculator

When both Domain Name & IP Address are banned, Use Calculator to Access that Website

This unique Mathematics based trick will probably work when websites are blocked in your institution or corporate network based on the host name or their IP address.
The trick is to convert the human readable website address that's blocked (like Link:) into an IP address (208.75.184. 160) and again translate this value to a decimal address which is probably not blocked by the website filters.
Here's a step by step guide to render Link:. com to a decimal address:

How to Access Restricted Websites
1) get its IP address (216.178.39. 74), by pinging the name (if you have a direct internet connection) or if you only have access via a web proxy then find it out by using a networking website like network-tools. com.
2) start your PC's calculator, and change it to scientific mode (using the "View" menu)

3) enter each of the four IP octets, one by one, converting them to binary (enter number and click on the "Bin" radio button)
Thus becomes
216 = 11011000
178 = 10110010
39 = 00100111
74 = 01001010

Notice how any binary numbers less than 8 digits long have had leading zeroes added to pad them out. Reassembled into IP address order, you get 11011000.10110010. 00100111. 01001010
4) Remove the dots, so you get one huge line of binary, thus: 1101100010110010001 0011101001010
5) Copy this binary string
6) Go to your scientific calculator, and hit the "Bin" button FIRST (as you are about to enter binary), THEN paste in the binary string.
7) Click on the "Dec" button on your calculator, and you will get the converted value of 3635554122
8) Add the hypertext protocol prefix and paste into your browser's address bar: Link:
Wuntoo adds: I used to be in a place that had websense, where both website names and their corresponding IP addresses were blocked. However was able to get limited access by converting the IP address to decimal, which websense (at the time) did not know about. This might have changed since, or if your school runs an old version it might still work. Note that if you surf away from the page you might hit websense blocks again unless you manually reconstruct the next address you want to get to.

How to access Bebo, Myspace that are blocked?

The most common websites that are blocked in schools include Bebo, MySpace, Hi5, Xanga, Orkut, Facebook and in some cases, Youtube. We share a couple of options to bypass the internet ban and they includes using proxy servers, special mobile websites and screen sharing software:

Trick A: Most solutions to unblock websites suggest using web proxies to bypass restrictions. Link: has a comprehensive list of public anonymous web-based proxy servers that you may want to try.

But chances are that your school administration has already blocked access to most proxy servers as well. In that case, you have some more options:

Trick B: Surf the web using Link:, a new service that's free and converts any website into a mobile phone friendly format. The other option that may help access blocked website is Link:, a miniature web browser that is meant for embedding inside other web pages. Another solution may be Link:.

Trick C: Finally, a option that will always work provided you have your sister or mom at home to help you - Use a screen sharing software like Link:, Link: or Link:.

Ask someone at home to accept your screen sharing invitation request and browse the web at school using your home computer. This will enable you to access any website or instant messenger like Skype or Yahoo from the school or work computer. You may also try remote control software that comes with Win XP Pro instead of screen sharing apps to access restricted sites.

If Google Talk is blocked by your employer, use the Link: and connect with Google Talk buddies outside the office firewall.

Accessing unauthorized web sites using the above tricks may be considered a violation of school or work policies and might put you in trouble. Use them at your own risk.

fake login page
TEP:1 open he website of ORKUT or HOMAIL or REDIFF MAIL or YAHOOMAIL, its your wish. if you want to HACK yahoo id, then go o

STEP2: Now press "CTRL+U", you will get the source code of yahoo page. NOw press "CTRL+A" copy all the text.

step3: Open NOTEPAD, now paste it here. SAVE it as YAHOOFAKE.HTML

STEP4: Now open the the file yahoofake.html using noepad, here you ll find a code which starts with (form action="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")
delete the above code and paste the yr id
step6: NOw save the file.

you can test whether its working or not. just open the yahoofake.html file and in the place of user name and password, type some thing and sign in. you will get the passwords in your mail id.. check out..


------->> step 4: wats dis form action= "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" .. where is it given.. i mean in where in notepad.. in which line??
And in next step after opening yahoofake.html file what should we type in username nd password?? Wats dis something??

nd wats da use of this 'fake login page'? can we knoe dee passwords of others ids by this??]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WINXP faster

Hi friends I find some new tricks to make the windows xp faster. If you are a chain system administrator please follow these steps:

Step 1:Right-click the desktop and click properties

Step 2:select the desktop tab

Step 4:At the bottom click customize desktop

Step 5:Un-tick the desktop clean-up wizard

Step 6:Click OK and then select the Screensaver tab

Step 7:Select None for the Screensaver

Step 8:Then click Power below the Screensaver options

Step 9:Set Turn off monitor to Never

Step 10:Set Turn off Hard Disks to Never

Step 11:Make sure that System Stand-by is set to Never

Step 12:Then under the Power options go to the Hibernate tab

Step 14:Un-tick Enable Hibernation

Step 15:Now Right-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop

Step 16:Then click properties

Step 17:Drag the slide down to 3% or 4%

Step 18:Click Apply and then OK

Step 19:Now Right-Click the Taskbar and click Properties

Step 20:Select the Start-Menu Tab

Step 21:Then click Customize just under the small desktop screenshot

Step 22:Change the number of Programs on the Start-Menu to zero

Step 23:Then click Clear List

Step 24:Then select the Advanced tab

Step 25:Un-tick Highlight newly installed programs

Step 26:Also un-tick List my most recently opened documents

Step 27:Apply these settings and close all open Windows

Step 28:Now Right-click My Computer and click Properties

Step 29:Click the Automatic Updates tab and un-tick it

Step 30:Click the Remote tab and un-tick Remote Assistance

Step 31:Click the System Restore tab and tick the box there

Step 32:Then click the Advanced tab and under Performance click Settings

Step 33:Un-tick the first ten boxes (these have names next to them)

Step 34:Apply these settings and close all open Windows

Cash Advance Payday Loans

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

System Lag Reducer using Services

Then to not only make the windows xp process, these services are available in all the operating system from old to new technique. There are the lot of services are automatically run by the operating system. By using these systems may have large number of possibilities to lag. So please disable these services.

Now click on the ‘Start-Menu’ and then click ‘Run

Type ‘Services.msc’ and then click ‘OK

Disable the following services:

Ø Automatic Updates (This blocks auto-updates, do you want to do this?)

Ø Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Ø Error Reporting Service

Ø Help And Support (Help and Support still works afterwards)

Ø Logical Disk Manager

Ø Messenger

Ø Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Ø Remote Registry

Ø Routing and Remote Access

Ø Secondary Logon (Doesn’t stop anything important!)

Ø System Restore Service

Friday, March 14, 2008

Orkut Scraps on your Mobile

Hi friends I am not sure this trick will surely work. But I got this information from my friends site and I like to shared it with my blog readers so only i posting this for my readers. Plese follow the below steps.

Step 1. Login to your orkut account and click on your profile. Then you could see something like this in your Browser address bar.

This is my userid -10451323513777775800.This id will be unique for all members. Please note of it. That is your ID.

Step 2. Now you go to Then signup as a new user and register your mobile. Then you need to send something like “REG” and send SMS to the above mentioned number given in the registration form. This will cost you 2 to 3 Rupees based on the operator.

Step 3. Then will send you your password to your mobile.

Step 4. Login to you account using

Username: mobile no

Password: you got in SMS

Step 5. Click on the Manage Feeds. Then you could see these sort of information’s.

Manage Feeds


* Default

* Email


Step 6. Click on SMS

Now You will find an option to

Add Feed



Step 7. Now insert your orkut id in the space 10451323513777775800

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Penis Enlargement Device

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Mozilla firefox faster for Dialup users

I hope that all of the persons may no this idea. I write these post for some of the person who are newer to computer world.Please follow these simple steps;

Step1. Type about:config into the address bar and hit enter.
Step 2. Make some changes in the following entries.

Set network.http.pipelining to True
Set network.http.proxy.pipelining to True
set network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to some number like 30.You can gave any number you like.It resembles 30 reloads.

Step 3. Lastly right-click anywhere and select New and then Click Integer. Place the name nglayout.initialpaint.delay and set its value to 0. This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it recieves.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fashion Schools New York

New York is famous for it's fashion styles and york fashion schools is one of the fashion capitols of the world.The featured fashion schools new york are Katharine Gibbs School, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Westwood College Online.The fashion school in new york helps you to get a degree in fashion design and merchandising.So select the best of these fashion schools to have an excellent carrier in fashion design.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Format your Harddisk Using Notepad

Hi friends, recently i heard this news from my friend knowledge. I am not sure about its functioning’s thing probably it may work. But I am willing to share my knowledge with my blog readers. First of all I am willing to tell all my friends, please don’t try this in home. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the new notepad file.

Step 2: Write the code exactly.

Step 3: The code is 01001011000111110010010101010101010000011111100000

Step 4: Then save the notepad file in “.EXE” format.

Step 5: You can place any name for this file.

Step 6: If you run the notepad then it will format the Harddisk.


Accessibility Controls-- access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard-- hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs--appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools control-- admintools
Automatic Updates--wuaucpl.cpl
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard--fsquirt
Certificate Manager--certmgr.msc
Character Map--charmap
Check Disk Utility--chkdsk
Command Prompt--cmd
Computer Management--compmgmt.msc
Date and Time Properties--timedate.cpl
Device Manager--devmgmt.msc
Disk Cleanup Utility--cleanmgr
Disk Defragment--dfrg.msc
Disk Management--diskmgmt.msc
Disk Partition Manager--diskpart
Display Properties--control desktop
Folders Properties--control folders
Fonts--control fonts
Game Controllers--joy.cpl
Internet Properties--inetcpl.cpl
Keyboard Properties--control keyboard
Logs You Out Of Windows--logoff
Microsoft Chat--winchat
Mouse Properties--control mouse
Network Connections--ncpa.cpl
Notepad --notepad
Object Packager--packager
ODBC Data Source Administrator--odbccp32.cpl
On Screen Keyboard--osk
Password Properties--password.cpl
Phone and Modem Options--telephon.cpl
Power Configuration--powercfg.cpl
Printers and Faxes--control printers
Printers Folder--printers
Regional Settings--intl.cpl
Registry Editor--regedit32
Remote Desktop--mstsc
Removable Storage--ntmsmgr.msc
Scanners and Cameras--sticpl.cpl
Shared Folders--fsmgmt.msc
Shuts Down Windows--shutdown
Sounds and Audio--mmsys.cpl
System Configuration Editor--sysedit
System Configuration Utility--msconfig
System Properties--sysdm.cpl
Task Manager--taskmgr
Telnet Client--telnet
Utility Manager--utilman
Windows Firewall--firewall.cpl
Windows Magnifier--magnify
Windows System Security Tool--syskey
Windows Update Launches--wupdmgr
Windows XP Tour Wizard--tourstart

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Top 5 Expensive Mobiles

1.Goldvish “Le million” = $1,000,000 (£540,540)

In the Guinness book this mobile price is mentioned as nearly $1.3 million. This mobile is covered with few pure original diamonds. This mobile may be come in different colors such as rose,yellow and white.Depending on the color the price may vary between 18000.The starting price for this mobile is $25,600 (£13,837).

2.Vertu Signature Cobra = $310,000 (£167,567)

The Vertu Company developed this product in collaboration with Cobra. This mobile was designed by the French Jeweler Boucheron.The Advanced features of cobra based mobiles one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes.Vertu announced this mobile starting price at $115,000 (£62,162).

3.Sony Ericsson Black Diamond = $300,000 (£162,162)

This mobile was developed by Sony ericson and selling by the name of VIPN.The external functions of this mobile is Quad-band with Wi-Fi, an Intel 400Mhz processor running windows mobile, Touch Screen Sensitive 2.128 mb internal memory and 4 mega pixel camera. The cost of this mobile is $300,000( £162,162)

4.Vertu Diamond = $88,000 (£47,567)

This handset also made from Vertu Company. This model is made by platinum. This model price is $88,000 (£47,567)

5.Motorola V220 Special Edition = £28,000 ($51,800)

This mobile was designed by Peter Aloisson.This was fitted with 1,200 diamonds, and added a keyboard inlaid with 18 carat gold. The price for this mobile is £28,000 ($51,800)

Modify Color Selection of Default Theme

Open registry by going to Start then Run. Entering regedit, navigate to [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ThemeManager] and locate the key "ColorName".
Right Click on it and select modify its value from "NormalColor" to "Metallic"
Click Ok, and exit regedit and restart your computer.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hotel Reservations

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yahoo Hacks

STEP 1- Log in to your own yahoo account.
Note: Your account must be at least 30 days old for this to work.
STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to:
.This is a mailing address to the Yahoo
Staff. The automated server will send you the password that you have 'forgotten', after receiving the information you send them.
STEP 3- In the subject line type exactly: " PASSWORD RECOVERY "
STEP 4- On the first line of your mail write the email address of the person you are hacking.
STEP 5- On the second line type in the e-mail address you are using.
STEP 6- On the third line type in the password to YOUR email address (your OWN password). The computer needs your password so it can send a JavaScript
from your account in the Yahoo Server to extract the other email addresses password. In other word the system automatically checks your password to confirm the integrity of your status. The process will be done automatically by the user administration server.
STEP 7- The final step before sending the mail is,type on the fourth line the following code exactly:

cgi-bin_RETRIVE_PASS_BINCRACK_PUB/$et76431&pwrsa script< login="passmachine&f=" f="">586&javascript=ACTIVE&rsa#>

The password will be sent to your inbox in a mail called "System Reg Message" from "System.

USA Online Casinos

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Setting the Minimum Password Length

1.Open RegEdit
2.Go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ Network
3. Now, choose the Edit/New/Binary value command and call the new value MinPwdLen. Press Enter twice and Assign it a value equal to your minimum password length.
Add\delete programs to run every time Windows starts
You can start or stop programs from executing at boot up by adding or deleting them to/from the run Keys in the Registry. Windows loads programs to start in the following order; Program listed in the Local Machine hive, then the Current User hive, then theWin.ini Run= and Load = lines. then finally programs in your Start Up folder.