Friday, March 14, 2008

Orkut Scraps on your Mobile

Hi friends I am not sure this trick will surely work. But I got this information from my friends site and I like to shared it with my blog readers so only i posting this for my readers. Plese follow the below steps.

Step 1. Login to your orkut account and click on your profile. Then you could see something like this in your Browser address bar.

This is my userid -10451323513777775800.This id will be unique for all members. Please note of it. That is your ID.

Step 2. Now you go to Then signup as a new user and register your mobile. Then you need to send something like “REG” and send SMS to the above mentioned number given in the registration form. This will cost you 2 to 3 Rupees based on the operator.

Step 3. Then will send you your password to your mobile.

Step 4. Login to you account using

Username: mobile no

Password: you got in SMS

Step 5. Click on the Manage Feeds. Then you could see these sort of information’s.

Manage Feeds


* Default

* Email


Step 6. Click on SMS

Now You will find an option to

Add Feed



Step 7. Now insert your orkut id in the space 10451323513777775800

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