Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5 beta

Opera is the world’s famous browser. It provides services to both computer and other handheld devices such as Mobile, PDA, etc.The Opera is the public version and there is no cost for downloading or installing the browser. The opera has the lot of version for computer. But Operamini software is normally used in handheld devices. Operamini offers high speed browsing even in very slow internet connections. Recently Opera team launches Opera Mobile 9.5 beta and it provides high speed browsing with visual effects.Opera Mobile 9.5 beta provides the new look with good feel of viewing entire pages instantly. The additional two technology used in this browser is Zooming and Panning. This technology gives the user to able to focus on the specific page contents. This browser provides the resuming capacity for your browser and many more features are included in this browser. So the mobile Internet users can download this browser and enjoy your joyful moments with this browser.

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