Saturday, July 12, 2008


The main disadvantage of this version is, if you to install vista in your computer then surely you need to have 1 GB Ram for supporting this operating system. Here one of the additional news is Microsoft launches "Mini-XP".Then I used to mentioned some of the interesting facts about "Mini-XP".It need only 49Mb of RAM. But ordinary Windows XP uses uses 300Mb of Ram. It uses only 50 Mb of disk space but ordinary versions uses nearly 500 Mb of disk space in your Hard disk. So the computer booting and processing speed may be very high compared to the normal versions. It supports all important necessary drivers like joystick support, printer support, ISDN, and other bare essentials. It have calculator, Wordpad, >MS paint, Games etc.Then it will have default MS Office installed. But the disadvantage of Mini-XP is, there is no internet explorer and you need to install any other browser like opera or Mozilla firefox.Here is no scanner support in this version.

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