Friday, July 18, 2008

BG electric car

Barry D. Bernstein is a steel wholesaler from Philadelphia invented the BG electric car. Now a day’s lots of peoples are buying cars and cars selling ratio is also increased comparing to the previous year. But the government increases the car prices in the year 2008.The reason for hike in car prices is because of increment in the prices of raw materials from 2 to 3 times compared to the previous year’s the normal cars prices are increase up to 5000Rs and Deluxe car prices are increased up to 12000 There is the great peak in Petrol and diesel prices in the year 2008.So Barry D. Bernstein try to create some solution for this problem and finally invented this car. This car value is around $16000.This car contains lot of differences compared to the normal cars. Top speed of this car is 25mph.So this cars are not suitable for the highway journey. This car invented with 49cc engine power. This car comes with variety of battery options such as lead-sulfate, lead-silicon, nickel hydride, and lithium ion. This organization trying to open its marketing at 2009.

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