Monday, June 23, 2008

Torrent Download speed increaser

Here i giving the tips to increase your Download speed of your Torrent Downloads.This ideas will be work in Bit torrent,Bit commet.etc and all your torrent software.This post is mainly used for the peoples who are having the High speed Broadband but their torrent speed is very low.Here i gonna to give some important technique is called "Port Forwarding", or "opening your specific TCP ports".The green or blue cable coming from either your computer/modem/router contains 65536 electric lanes.Each lane is called port and contains the specific address as
  • HTML pages: port 80
  • FTP file transferring: port 21
  • World of Warcraft: port 3724
  • POP3 email: port 110
  • MSN Messenger: port 6901 and ports 6891-6900
  • Everquest: port 1024
  • Bit Torrents: port 6881
Then the next tip is,The torrent downloader by default took the Port no 6881 for entry or exit to your computer.If it is closed means then it search from 6882 ,6883 and finally tries 6999.
Then thje next tip is always swich of your firewalls and other prevented sources.But the drawback of doing this may be the advantage for the hackers and they can easily enter your system and there is the lot of possibility of hacking your system.Please Be Alert to making these process and tips.Then Downloads the torrent with your full Broad band speeds.


DG said...

but sorry frienf i cant understanf how to inrease speed what i have to do for increase speed? plz help me

kashyap said...

plz suggest me how to increase the speed in torrent it just runs in 30-35 kbps

Ravi Teja@aero said...

plz plz i want to increase my torrents speed....if u know any tricks ple mail me