Monday, June 30, 2008

Mozilla fire fox 3

Before two months,The mozilla firefox released his latest version(Mozilla firefox 3).By using this browser,i feel an awesomw experience.The additional special feature of this products are

1.High speed browsing.
2.Attractive toolbar.
3.Guard our system from macilious softwares and virus programs.
4.Zooming functionality.
5.Addon scripting fuctionality.

The name high speed browsing represents the high speed microlink technology.If offer 3 time increment in speed comparing to their previous versions.It offers attractive tool barand their is come changes in the toolbar comparing to their pre-versions.If offers graphic color layers in the toolbars.It stands as a firewall to the haramful malicious software and virus programs.This is the addtional inbuilt technology which is not found in other versions.Then the greater technology used in this browser is called Zooming fuctionality.It zooms the entire pages within few seconds and offers good visibility to the users.Actually the large number of addons are available in case of using Mozilla firefox browser.This browser also supports multiple addons .

Then this succesful browser can be installed from the following link

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