Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy hours

The word you see the happy hours resemble the happiest moment in our life. The same thing done on the rapidshare is called happy hour. Suppose if you are member of rapidshare this post will be very useful. If you are a free member of the rapidshare this post shows the heavenly way. In order to download some file in rapidshare we need to wait for some moment nearly (2-3) minutes and you want to reserve the tickets for downloading. After your ticket time get ended then your need to fill the captcha for the security purposes and finally you will get the download link. These problems are commonly faced by the free users. Happy hour is the latest technology developed in rapidshare.If you gonna to download some files in happy hour then you no need to wait for reserving such tickets and captcha.Any interesting news, Happyhour plug-in or add-ons are used by the Legend FireFox browser. After installing it, that shows the happy hours through the smiley symbols. If the smiley is red then the Happy hour is not active. If it is green means then happy hour is active. Enjoy this plug-in sponsored by FireFox website.

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