Friday, May 30, 2008

MMC Password cracker:

Hi friends, I give some useful tips for the hackers in this session. But your mobile should be installed with the file Explorer software. Please don’t think, this post will be only useful for the hackers. This can also be used for the peoples who forget their password for their MMC card. Follow these simple steps to remove the password from the blocked cards.

1. Install the File explorer Software in the phone memory.
2. Then Insert your blocked MMC card.

3. Open the File Explorer Software
4. Then go to (C:\).It refers the Phone Memory in the mobile.
5. Then go to “System”
6. Then go to “Find” and Search “MMCSTORE”

7. Transfer this file by Bluetooth or Infrared or data cable to your PC
8. Rename the file “MMCSTORE” to “MMCSTORE.TXT”
9. Open the file and the password of the MMC.The details will be displayed at there.
10.Finally restart your mobile.

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