Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mail Signature as an Image:

Hi friends, I hope all of your having the yahoo mail account. Most of the frequently used mail person should always have the special signature indicating the original proof of the sender. But the signature can be written only in the textual format. Here I give some solutions to covert that textual format into an image format.

1. Open yahoo mail in Internet Explorer(IE).

2. Login in to your account and select “Mail options” from the navigation bar.

3. Follow the Signature link.

4. If the HTML toolbar is not yet visible, click Color and Graphics.
5. Make sure View HTML Source is checked.
6. Insert the image using the HTML tag.
To place an image at the left of your signature, insert

img hspace="5" src="Your image web-link" align="left" width="55" height="50"

(Please include “<” in the beginning and add “>” at the end of the above code)

7. Make sure the image is accessible on a web server and reasonably small in proportions (not higher than about 75 pixels).
8. Uncheck View HTML Source to test your signature.
9.Click Save.

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