Saturday, May 10, 2008

Golden Bat

Golden Bat contest was conducted by AIRCEL the leading mobile network in tamilnadu.I am giving the hint to win that Golden bat.Participants should only be the AIRCEL customers.This network implemented special recharge card calledas "GOLDEN BAT recharge".The Price of this card is only "RS:55".NOw i tell the steps for winning this Bat.
1.Buy this recharge card.
2.Scratch your 16bii secret number.
3.Then scratch the next encrypted format.
4.If you find the word "PLAY" then you are eligible for this contest.
5.Thers is another additional cardn and in that you need to fill up your details and you need to write one slogan about this contest.
6.You may be a winner.

Price Details:
1st prize = 1kg golden bat
2nd prize = 1lakh rupees worth 15 Golden bats.
3rd prize = 50000 worth 25 Golden bats.
4th Prize = 25000 worth 50 Golden bats

Hurry up soon.....

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