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Age of Empire-Game of Game

Age of empire is the famous strategy game. He can create kingdom and want to fight with the other units. Age of empires supports multiplayer facility. Most of the aoe users play the game using the hamachi software. First of all let we discuss about the hamachi software. This software works as the LAN connection between the network users. By using hamachi we can play many games like football, Nfs, counter strike, etc.There are different versions of aoe are available. But the famous version is Age of Empire 2.Then its expansion pack is age of empire conquers. In latest Microsoft releases Age of empire 3.But we need graphics card to play age of empire many peoples uses age of empire 2 only.Ok let we go inside the game. There are different types of civilization are available in this game. This game supports multiplayer facility too. At a time nearly 7 players can play the match. Each civilization has the special types of heroes and they can be created from the castles and they can also be power up by using the Elite hero man ship. There can be different types of age levels are available in this game. I describe the game in age level manner.


This is the starting age in aoe.While at the game starts u have one Town center with 3 villagers and 1 cavalry(horse).By using the villagers we want to built houses, gather food, wood in this age. We want to build the Mill for gathering the food. Then at last we need to create the barracks for military purposes. From barracks two types of solders will created. They are pikeman and militia. Then we need to advance the age by collecting 500 foods.

Depends on the commands I try to continue the remaining ages from the age of empire. The post continuation may be depending on your command. Please post your command.

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