Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Steps For Protecting Your Bluetooth Device

10 Steps For Protecting Your Bluetooth Device

1.Always upgrade.-Make sure the software and firmware on your Bluetooth devices, especially cell phones, are the latest versions.

2. Disappear- Place all Bluetooth-enabled devices in a nondiscoverable mode. You can make this setting through a software menu on your handheld.

3. Scramble your data- Encrypt everything stored on your device so that in the event of a hack, the information is protected.

4. Don’t jot things down- Avoid storing usernames, passwords or other sensitive information on a Bluetooth-enabled device.

5. Be smart- Avoid pairing with unknown devices.

6. Change your PIN- A personal identification number is normally needed for pairing. Make yours at least eight characters long and alphanumeric. Hackers have demonstrated ways of intercepting simple PINs.

7. Be discrete- In theory, device-to-device connections could be monitored by a third person. For maximum security, don’t pair in public or in a crowded area.

8. Sniff the air- To protect your agency, it’s important to monitor for suspicious Bluetooth behavior. A hardware/software system such as BlueWatch could help you keep track of Bluetooth activity.

9. Location- Bluetooth attackers need to be close—within 10 meters—so if you’re getting attacked, move to another area and note who’s following you.

10. Power down- For maximum security, turn off your Bluetooth features when not using them.

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