Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kumbakonam-Holy City of Temple

Here i am interested to post some informations about my birth place Kumbakonam.Kumbakonam is one of the Oldest city in tamilnadu life history.Kumbakonam is famous for Betel,Temples and Mahamaham Festival.It was capital of cholan emperor at 7th century.Kumbakonam was surrounded by two famous rivers called Cauvery and Arasalar.Kumbakonam was surrounded by Navagraha temples.Kumbakonam is located near to the Tanjore(Rajarajan Famous place).There are nearly more than 1000 temples in kumbakonam.But famous temples are Kumbeswarar Temple,Nageswarar Temple,Kasi Viswanathar Temple,Someswarar Temple,Banapureeswarar Temple,Veerasaiva Mutt,Sarangapani Temple,Chakkarapani Temple,Ramaswamy Temple,Brammam Temple,Sri Vijendra Mutt,Munishwar Jain Temple.To say about Tanks,There are two famous tanks in kumbakonam are Mahamaham and Potramarai Tank.Kumbakonam is also famous for educational institutions like Sastra University,Arasu Engineering college and lot of schools.Agarwal Eye Hospitals was recently launched in Kumbakonam.Kumbakonam is also famous with two dominant personalities called Ramanujam and Sethuraman.


Gina said...

Wow that's interesting.I'm just having registering the long names in my brain..but maybe if I keep dropping here, I would be probably be getting use to it. Nice post.

etown said...

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ganesh said...

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