Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shut down your computer Automatically

Shutting down the system is the important operation in Pc maintenance.Otherwise it will make some harmful changes in the registry and even has the possibility to damage your computer system.This process is very useful for the busy people.It makes the shutdown process in automation.The task is the simple shutdown command set your computer ro close all the running applications with the proper shutdown in the accurated time manner.This process will save the energy and time.Now follow these simple steps. “start” and goto “Run”.
2. Type “shutdown.exe -s -t yyyy “.
3.Press “ok”.

Here yyyy mean time in second, for example if you want your computer will shutdown automatically after 10 minute then the command will be shutdown -s -t 600.
After the execution of command, a small window will appear to count time of system shutdown.You can also cancel these auto shutdown.To cancle this process simply goto “Run” and type “shutdown.exe –a”.After the execution of this command it will automatically remove the files from your computer.

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