Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fool your friend with PowerPoint

This tip might be familiar to you.. but, its funny to do..

First download the zip file below and extract the ppt file.. double click it...

After having a glance at the above ppt, you'll now have a clear idea. If you wanna fool your friend or make him agree that he is a fool.. just follow these steps...

1. Open Powerpoint, Make a new presentation.

2. Set any image as background if necessary. You can do like this..

Right click on the slide area, and select Background
In the dropdown box, select Fill Effects. Go to Picture tab and select the desired image you want. Dont forget to click Apply to all.


3. Now, Create two action buttons. Make sure you have Drawing Toolbar checked in View -> Toolbars. If not, Select it.

Now, Click on AutoShapes in Drawing toolbar, select Action Buttons and Click on the first one. Now, draw it.

Add the desired text by Right Clicking on the button and select Edit Text. Create the slide that exactly looks like the above pic.

4. HyperLink

Right click on the Action button and select Hyperlink


Navigate to Mouse Over tab. Select Next Slide under Hyperlink to : as shown in the pic below.

If you RightClick on the action button in the edit text mode, then you may see the pic below which is not the desired one..


Now, Right click on the YES Action button and Select Last Slide instead of Next slide in the similar way shown above...

now, copy the slide and make several duplicates of it. Move the No button to different positions randomly in all slides.

5. Create a loop

Now, in the last slide, Right Click on the Action button, select Edit Hyperlink and select Slide... and click on Slide1. Now, we have created a logical loop on the slides.

6. The last slide

Create the last slide as the below pic..


7. Disable the "Advance Slide" on click

Go to Slide Show -> Slide Transition. In the Right pane, Under Advance Slide, Uncheck the option On Mouse Click. Click Apply to all slides.

Now, Press F5 or slide show and verify whether you are able to catch the NO action button.

PS: Please post any innovative idea that you get after reading this...

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