Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hi friend,i nope all of you used smilies in your SMS.But very few of them know the full meaning for the smilies.There is smilies for every emotions in our life.Many people used only the happy smilies and they never used sad smilies because they are only familier with happy Smilies.The reason for that is,most of the smilies user know only the happy smilies.So that i gonna to share my knowledge about the smilies...

:-) Happy
:-( Sad
:-D Laughing
;-( Crying
:) Small smiley
:-) Big smiley
:-D Laughter
:-X Kiss
;-) Winking smiley
:-( Sad face
:-O Surprised

I know nearly 1500 actions in smilies.But i cant post of this in this post.So i entered 10 smilies symbols in this post.If u need smilies for the particular word then comment in this section.

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