Tuesday, November 20, 2007



Here i Will tell you how to
trick nokia WAP service,
customize diffrently for
diffrent Handsets.

As we know that when we
press ( i ) button (- is that
default internet button-)
homepage from nokia
wap site opens which
containes only Ringtone,
Games,wallpaper for that
particular handset.

Now I will tell you the way
to open Homepage of
any handset on you
wap enabled handset

http://ea.mobile.nok ia.com/
content/spin/ap/---- /en/download/

Now- Replace the ---- by your 4
digit model number.
If your model is nokia 3220
then address will be-

http://ea.mobile.nok ia.com/
content/spin/ap/3220 /en/download/

this trick is not for N-series

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Happy Hacking...!!!!!!!

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