Thursday, December 6, 2007

7 Tips to extend Battery Life

7 Tips to extend Battery Life

1. Turn off your Bluetooth :

I think Bluetooth is the most hungriest applications.This tooks the battery life to be very short while it is always switched on.Please switched off the bluetooth at not present in the moment.

2. Disable sounds and vibrating alert :

Sounds are necessary in the mobile phones but use sounds only for ringtones and the important issue is avoid keypad tones.I hope its not necessary for most of the mobile phones.Another part is vibration.Vibration mode is necessary in meetings,classrooms and some private purposes but vibration meets the battery life to be short.So avoid vibration in many situations.

3. Brightness :

Reduce your mobile brightness as low as possible.But donot reduce too lower because it makes to destroy your vision.


It shows thatsetting the powersaver timed-out and Light timed-out to the low values.You may find this options in the display settings.

5.Turn-Off Applications:

Switch of your applications at most of your times because your applications may contains many multimedia techniques, So it takes the most of the battery power.So switched off all your active applications.


I hope all of you knows Games are like viruses to reuce your battery lifes not even it destroy your please reduce the habbit of playing games in the mobiles.Inbuilt games takes less batteries compared to the downloadable games.

7.Turn of Your Mobile Phones:

Please switch off your mobile when it is not used.This means Your mobiles many be in not reachable areas at some moment.So kindly switch off your mobiles at these situations..


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